Here’s a story that needs retelling,

it’s inside of you.

It’s not a story to be made in a book,

read aloud,




This is the story you forget to tell yourself

when you’re struggling with circumstances you believe

are beyond your control.

The story is that there is another way;

your response—and continued creative responses,

is how you make circumstances


No one is going to change the thing.

It has to be you.

You don’t need support from anyone,



You just must resist the bonds that you’ve shackled yourself

with because you agreed to perform the role that your relationship

seems to demand,

limiting the parameters of your potential.

The boundaries of your capability.

The barrier, the chasm, the seemingly endless void

between you,

and the thing that needs

your willingness

to defy

the expectation,

the plans you ALREADY made

and that appear to be set in stone.

I experience a loss every single day because of something I did

in the past.

And I have come to something I understand is acceptance.

Then again,

it’s still not fair

for it to go on like this forever…

me waiting for the circumstance to change.

So let’s hear it for walking out the door

with the blazing neon sign that reads:

“you are stuck”

–run out of there without warning

or excuses.


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