A Summer Sleeping Porch


I had romantic notions that one day I would write a book out on our covered porch.  Ten years have passed, and no book yet.  But now I have one memoir in progress, which gets done every morning before breakfast, a few handwritten pages at a time.

I decided not to return to the critique group.  The aftermath of so much red pen kept me silent on the page for weeks.  And so I’m back to just me and the ink on the lines.  I’m discovering the absolutely essential, critical, most important thing about writing:  that I must actually put something down, even a few sentences, every single day.

For me this is also true about running.  I have to do it daily, or lag for months. So this week, I’m feeling so much better for taking the first three hours of the day to do both.  On my run up a half mile hill this morning, a thought arrived– that writing in my notebook every morning is having a similar effect as the writing.

With each line written, some kind of psychic fat is being melted.  Going forward, I feel the sense that I’m getting closer to the white bones of what was really going on during that year of single life.  I’m getting better at asking myself questions that I didn’t think to ask thirteen years ago.

And the benefit of this? Feeling lighter psychologically is a trigger for creative ideas and happiness.  More spontaneous ideas can flow in when you don’t have to carry so much that is in the past.  It brings me once again to the awakened and gratitude filled present moment of my life; where love is working in each of us.

Feeling happy for no apparent reason, swinging in my hammock chair after a long bike ride, I thought about a new project that my family might enjoy.

We decided to transform our covered porch into a summer sleeping room using rustic items and old quilts. Even though Richard worked a full ten hour day, he loved the idea and offered to help set everything up.  Working together, soon we felt like honeymooners playing house.  We stayed up late to enjoy the finished project by candelight. While we lay on the bed soaking up some classical music and the atmosphere of the outdoor room, our three pets gathered to be closer to their humans…. who finally stepped away from screens and books to do what they love best: laying around outdoors.


Hello, summer.


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